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Where do you get your spices?
The spices and herbs we use in our products come from around the world;  Europe, Asia, Middle East, North and South America.  All our suppliers must maintain strict safety procedures, and we document all ingredient details.
Are SpiceWorks products Gluten Free?
All our products are gluten free out of the package.  Of course, what you add is up to you.
Are SpiceWorks products Organic?
The majority of our products are made from natural ingredients, but are not certified organic.
Because some of our products contain citric acid powder (derived from citrus fruit) which is not classified as natural, we cannot claim 'all-natural'.
Where do you make your products?
Our products are blended and packaged in our own small facility.  We are Fraser Health approved, CFIA inspected, fully licenced, and follow HACCP-like procedures for food safety.  We do not use co-packers.

After developing a product, the vast majority of 'artisan' food' products are, in fact, turned over to 'Co-Packers', who take over full production of the products; they source the ingredients, and do all the mixing, packaging and labeling for them, as well as for many other brands.  The 'Artisan' then simply becomes a marketer.
At SpiceWorks, we prefer to do it all ourselves;  this way we can control the quality of the ingredients, maintain freshness by preparing smaller batches as they are needed, and stay closer the the real nature of the business.
What makes SpiceWorks products unique? 
The flavor says it all.  Our products are designed to be quick to prepare, without sacrificing flavor and quality, or adding preservatives, colors or fillers.
We don't take shortcuts;  our products are developed using many, many ingredients (the butter chicken sauce alone has over 30 different spices & herbs) from our own special recipes. 
Where can I purchase?
Check our website for our 'Where To Buy' section to purchase at a retail store.
We do offer On-Line purchases as well.  This is presently only for Canadian addresses.
If you have any questions, just call or email us.
My store doesn't carry a certain product.
Most of the retailers who carry our products will not carry the entire product line.  Generally all will carry the All-in-One Butter Chicken and Coconut Curry mixes, but not necessarily the others.  Also, some products are only sold on-line.
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