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SpiceWorks products are packaged in an attractive shipper / POP display box. 
Pouches also have hang-holes for hanging displays.
All are sold in 12-pouch boxes.
We welcome new quality retailers.
Our distributors are:
In British Columbia, Dovre Import & Export, 1-800-370-3850 or sales@dovreimport.com

Or contact as directly at:
Some of our products are available in Food Service sizes;  contact us for details.
We Ship Across Canada

Free shipping
for orders of 6 or more boxes of 12 pouches in Western Canada (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan)
for orders of 8 or more boxes of 12 pouches in Central Canada (Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec)
for orders of 12 or more boxes of 12 pouches in Atlantic Canada.

    SpiceWorks is Registered Trademark of SpiceWorks Food Creations