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Original Package Instructions
Hot & flavorful marinade for chicken, seafood, and pork
For every 1 Tbs marinade mix, add:
- 2 Tbs sour cream or yogurt
- 2 Tbs water
- 2 Tbs vegetable oil
Mix in a small bowl, then coat meat and cover.
Allow to marinade several hours or overnight.
Drain and discard excess marinade.
Bake or BBQ.
Buffalo Shrimp
This appy tastes as good as it looks
- 18 Jumbo Shrimp (peeled and deveined), size 21/25 or larger
-  2 Tbs unsalted butter
-  1 Tbs Chili Marinade (more if you like it HOT)
-  ½ tsp each salt and pepper
-  2 Tbs olive oil
Toss jumbo shrimps with olive oil, salt  pepper.
Grill the shrimps over high heat (7 to 8 minutes) till pink and firm.  Do not overcook.
Melt 2 Tbs unsalted butter, add 1 Tbs chili marinade, and stir.
Toss the grilled shrimp with the above mixture.
Serve with Blue Cheese dressing / celery sticks.
Salmon & Halibut 
Fish such as salmon or halibut can be a bit bland sometimes; try zipping it up using this tasty marinade

On a Salmon of Halibut filet, sprinkle 2 to 3 Tbs Lemon Chili Marinade mix.
Add a splash of vegetable or olive oil, then rub the marinade to distribute it evenly. Leave the fish in the marinade for 1/2 to 3/4 hour (refrigerate).
Bake in a pre-heated oven at 350deg F for 10 to 12 minutes (for a whole filet).  Do not overcook; the meat should be moist.
Enjoy with rice or salad. 
Fresh Mango/Pineapple/Cilantro Salsa
A dip with zip!
dice: 1 pineapple
          2 mangos
          1 spanish onion
          8 tomatoes
          4 Tbs chopped cilantro
          2 Tbs Chili or Peri Peri Marinade (or less for less intensity)
Toss ingredients with juice of 1 lime, and refrigerate for flavors to develop.
Serve with nachos, chips or tortillas.
Chicken Thighs in Sour Cream/Chili Marinade
These are simply delicious on the Barbeque
Prepare the marinade as per package directions.

Use 6 - 8 skinless chicken thighs or legs
Mix 2 TBS each of sour cream, water & vegetable oil to 1 TBS marinade mix.
Coat thighs with mixture, and leave for at least 4 hours (or overnite) in refrigerator, for flavours to develop.
Bake in 350 deg F. oven (or BBQ) till cooked.
Serve with salad and tzatziki sauce.


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